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 Heat Treatment ISPM 15
 Customised Item (On Side Packing)
Soon Lee Trading, established since 1991, is one of the foremost wood packaging
product manufacturers in Klang Valley. We have been manufacturing and supplying
wood packaging since and, our products and services include wide range of warehouse
pallets, non-returnable pallets either two-way entry or four-way entry and, plywood
cases, wooden crates, air-freight boxes and common wooden boxes. In addition we also
provide packing services ranging from normal packing, heavy machineries packing to
vacuum packing services. Our experiences in packing includes customised size packing,
regular size packing and heavy machineries packing up to 40 metric tonnes in net
We are able to manufacture large quantities of pallets mostly based on customers'
specifications and deliver on time in JIT environment across a variety of industry sectors.
We are indeed one of the pioneers providing HEAT TREATMENT SERVICES (ISPM 15 -
International Standards for Phytosanitary Measures) implemented since 2008 for export
customers to avoid unnecessary hassle and delay in shipments. Heat Treatment is safe
and effective (with state of the art monitoring device) and efficient (lead time of one day
without much red tape) rendering customers smooth operation.
Our team of management and production staff carry out our business activities are loyal
and experienced ensures that our customers are served at the most satisfactory level
providing our clients with the most appropriate, cost effective, efficient packaging
solutions and packing services application reaching countries like Australia, China,
European Union, India, the United States of America, Japan and many more.
We are fully committed to ongoing investment in our business, continually adapting and
refining our products and services offering to our business partners. In addition thereto,
we are also receiving good support and co-operation from our valued customers and
suppliers. With all these supports, we look forward to be your quality wood packaging
partner. Thank you!